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Elmwood Park, New Jersey used to be known as Dundee Lake before 1916. After many changes over the years, the area was renamed Elmwood Park in November of 1972. What many people don’t know about the town is that many retailers are actually closed on Sundays, due to the “blue laws” of the area. However, it is a great place to settle down in, as many residents have found. When you need your home Elmwood Park is in need of repair, trust the professionals at Griffith Handyman Services.

Residential Services

Handyman Services for Every Need

Griffith Construction offers an array of handyman and carpentry services to expand your storage space and to repair damage to your home and other properties. Our team of dedicated professionals can provide you with cost-effective options that can enhance the value of your residence in the New Jersey area. 

Owner Operated Means Lower Prices!

Griffith Construction, Inc. is an owner- operated handyman service company, that does not have to pay a franchise fee. This allows us to keep our handyman rates to be competitive and cost efficient for home and business owners.

Neat / Clean / Quality Work / Fully insured / Licensed / Bonded 

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At Griffith Construction, Inc. (Griffith Handyman), we strive to continually improve our service by keeping up with the latest changes in the construction industry. Call us at 973-831-6102 to discover the Griffith Construction, Inc. (Griffith Handyman) difference.

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