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The Palisades Interstate Park Highway passes beside this upscale New Jersey neighborhood overlooking Palisades Park and the banks of the Hudson River. Established on ground which once witnessed ferocious fighting between Patriots and supporters of the English Crown during the Revolutionary War, today this locale has become a sought-after suburban enclave. If you carry the responsibility of maintaining a lovely residential property in the Alpine Area, you’ll appreciate learning more about Griffith Handyman Services. Our superb services help maintain your house stay in a stylish, more desirable condition.

Residential Services

Handyman Services for Every Need

Griffith Construction offers an array of handyman and carpentry services to expand your storage space and to repair damage to your home and other properties. Our team of dedicated professionals can provide you with cost-effective options that can enhance the value of your residence in the New Jersey area. 

Professional Repairs

Creaking stairs and damaged decking and patio areas can present risks to your family, friends and other visitors to your property. We can provide you with the prompt and practical repair services needed to restore these areas to full functionality and to help you make the most positive impression. By working with us, you can put our many years of experience to work on your behalf.

Convenient and Affordably Priced

Prompt Service – Free Estimates – Neat Quality Work – Professional

We take pride in offering the most cost-effective and practical solutions for our customers. By choosing Griffith Handyman Services for all your current projects, you can be sure your needs will be met by the most reliable, dependable and professional staff in New Jersey.

At Griffith Handyman Services, we offer the most comprehensive solutions for your home in Alpine, New Jersey. Call us today at 973-831-6103 or 201-281-8090 to schedule an appointment with our technicians. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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