Updating and Repairing Stairs in New Jersey

You and your family depend on your stairs to navigate your home safely. Making sure your stairs are up-to-date and in good repair can help you maintain the value of your New Jersey home and can ensure the most beautiful and practical staircases throughout your residence. The handyman experts at Griffith Construction, Inc. can provide you with professional guidance and support in creating the safest and most attractive interior designs possible. Here are some key indications that it may be time to update and upgrade your stairs for a fresh new look.

Worn-Out Railings
If your current railings, posts and balusters are showing signs of advancing age or wear and tear, our carpentry professionals can replace these components of your stairs to create a brand-new look and a safer environment for you and your family. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate style choices to suit your décor and your budget perfectly.

Creaky Steps
Loud noises and creaks when you or your family members travel up and down your stairs could be signs of deterioration in the underlying structural elements. Scheduling an inspection with Griffith Construction, Inc. can provide you with added information about the condition of your stairs and the best ways to approach any needed repairs.

Carpeted Stairs
In most cases, carpeting on your stairs is an indication of dated décor. Removing this carpet and replacing it with hardwood inlays or caps can create a more modern look and a better experience for you and your family. Our team of flooring experts will discuss the best options for updating your stairs and enhancing the appearance of your home.

At Griffith Construction, Inc., we are committed to providing the best array of handyman services for our customers. We can deliver the most cost-effective solutions for all your stair repair and updating needs. Give us a call today at 201-493-9999 to learn more about how we can help you enjoy your New Jersey home to the fullest degree.

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