Building and Maintaining the Perfect New Jersey Deck

If you are planning a new deck installation or considering repairs to your existing deck, making sure that your plans are in accordance with local codes can help you avoid a fair amount of hassle during this process. Working with an experienced contractor can help you avoid any difficulties with city and county officials and can ensure the best possible solutions for all your deck needs. Here are some of the hottest trends and the most important maintenance tips for your New Jersey deck.

Entertainment and Lighting
Bringing the indoors outside with covered deck areas, innovative lighting options and audio and video entertainment centers can increase the appeal of your deck throughout the spring, summer and fall. For tech-savvy families, installing a Wi-Fi extender to provide connectivity in your back yard and deck can be a valuable investment in family togetherness in the outdoor setting.

Maintaining Your Current Deck
Regular maintenance can keep your deck looking great and performing as expected for many years into the future. At Griffith Construction, Inc., we can provide comprehensive deck inspections to identify any issues with the structural or physical elements of your deck. We offer a full lineup of maintenance services that include the following:
• Power wash services to clean away unwanted grime and to leave your deck ready for further treatment
• Staining and sealing to enhance the beauty of your deck while extending its useful life
• Replacing damaged boards and railings to ensure safety and stability for these important elements of your outdoor décor
• Complete rebuild projects that can enhance and expand your exterior entertainment spaces while ensuring the most beautiful results for you and your family

We can also design and install a new deck to your precise specifications, allowing you to enjoy the best of outdoor living right at home.

To learn more about how we can help you enjoy the most modern and appealing deck possible, give us a call at 973-831-6102. We look forward to the chance to work with you.

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